Store Fittings Direct provides a highly efficient range of secure access control automation, including equipment for pedestrian, passenger and vehicle access to safeguard your property and valuable assets.

Our specialist security products provide a robust performance and proven reliability, whether mechanical, electronic, or software components.

Pedestrian access systems

Uncompromising on security and safety

SFD’s automatic pedestrian entrance control provides:

  • Uncompromising security
  • Efficient and safe pedestrian traffic management
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Proven reliability

Choose from our lines of discreet, innovatively styled products that are compatible with most access control systems, including Security Entrance Lanes, Swing Gates, Half Height and Full Height Turnstiles, and Secure Portals and Doors.

They have been designed to suit a variety of public, government and commercial buildings, and will help you to improve flow efficiencies.

To complement our gates and turnstiles, we supply a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options, and secure fencing for external locations. In addition, to extend the useful lifespan of these products our service engineers can carry out a wide range of preventative maintenance and repair work.

CAR PARK BARRIERS (Barriers And Gates)

Our Automatic Rising Arm Barrier series, which is a fully automatic system, provides rapid access and excellent security to vehicle parks.

The sturdy inverter driven 3Ph motor and gearbox configuration (operates from a 1Ph supply), therefore ensuring smooth and consistent operation time after time. The barrier cycle is 3-5 seconds (depending on pole length), and the smart relay logic allows for semi or fully automatic operation, with minimum electrical modification.

There are a wide variety of access control options to suit individual requirements. Push button, card reader, radio, keypad and intercom can be fitted with minimal electrical work. It is recommended that the aforementioned access control methods be backed up with an induction loop safety and close system.


The smart relay, which has a built in 24/7 day time clock and diagnostics text messaging display (for fault finding), controls the barrier electrically. There is no standard operation; however, most access control systems can be added.

Control options available include; push buttons, keypad, card reader, token, radio or intercom.


The inverter driven 3Phase motor and gearbox (operating from a 1Phase supply), gives greater speed control and torque. There are no hydraulics to leak oil, or reserves to top up. A special spring system ensures the motor loading is kept to a minimum. The Manual hand wind facility (housed beneath a tamperproof cover), ensures the barrier arm can be raised and lowered in the event of power failure.


Applications include car park access control, warehouse protection, building security, government buildings, distribution centres and high security data protection buildings.



Our Series of cantilever sliding gates are made to order and can be supplied with a height of up to 2.4 metres with a drive-through of up to 10 metres wide; all with a ground clearance of 125mm.

Our Intention:

Our intention with this product is to keep your building, staff and assets safe, and deter  nauthorised visitors and would be on foot intruders, by providing a full width, height obstruction.


Applications include car park access control, warehouse protection, military sites, palace security, protection against ram raids, building security, government buildings, distribution centres and high security data protection buildings.


The ISC cantilever sliding gate has a sophisticated, durable and secure appearance. Spikes line the top of the gate to warn off intruders, and the 30mm diameter, 6mm thick evenly-spaced individual bars further add to the sturdy appearance. The compact housing of the electronics, coupled with

the drive motor and supports being expertly hidden beneath the lower beam further enhance the neat and professional appearance. The infill section can be supplied with alternative sections to match your current or intended fence structure and can be infilled with mesh if required.