Why do you need Asset Protection?

Where there are trolleys and cars, there will be accidents, so we also provide a range of robust and durable impact protection products and bollards for external areas including walkways and trolley parks.It is our goal to enable our clients to facilitate the optimum customer experience regardless of which part of their estate they are on, including the external store environs.
Accordingly we have worked with our major clients to develop an attractive and cost-effective range of walkways, shelters and external furniture which combine modular formats with robust materials and construction.

Attractive and effective protection to save you money Display fixtures, chiller cabinets and service counters are constantly exposed to damage from shopping trolleys and store equipment such as roll cages and pallet jacks. This can lead to untidy looking shopping areas and expensive repairs or even replacement units. Over the last thirty years we have developed a highly successful range of impact protection equipment, based on a detailed understanding of store operations combined with our quality engineering and production expertise.

Asset Protection Offer

We provide total damage prevention for the Sales Floor, from a variety of bumper systems, specialist corner and column products, and protection posts which are ideal for safeguarding your expensive and fragile equipment.

Extending your equipment’s useful lifespan Providing appropriate protection for your store assets to extend their effective lifespan not only saves money but also helps the environment by reducing the demand for new resources.
To protect your store fixtures and fittings from hard hits and bumps we provide a comprehensive range of fl oor and wall mounted damage protection products for the shop sales floor. Our specialist products have been carefully designed, engineered and tested to meet the demands of modern store environments.
Whatever your needs, with several options within each product category, Our tried and tested products are up to the task.