Plastic Recycled Bollards

Store Fittings Direct are the people to talk to for best range of Plastic Recycled Bollards. Made from plastic that is recycled from the production process, our bollards are top quality items that have been manufactured by us or chosen for their performance and durability. Whether you need bollards or crowd control barriers, we promise we have the example for you. The advantages of plastic bollards are the eco-friendly element coupled with the security provided by the choice of designs.

Standard Plastic Bollards

Our standard plastic recycled bollard is a very popular item that is cost effective, eco-friendly and highly durable. What is not visible to the onlooker is the internal steel core that prevents vehicles from ramming through. A stronger model with an even bigger steel core is also available. This design can be had in permanent and removeable form and is a sensible price as well as an attractive design.

This model is potted to 400mm beneath the surface (the permanent model) while the anti-ram version is potted 550mm beneath for added strength. A 1000mm tall bollard, the plastic sleeve is replaceable for added longevity, and we believe this is a very competitively priced model.

Recycled Plastic Square Bollard

While most of the same attributes apply to the Square Bollard as those mentioned above, this design is included in the range because we at Store Fittings Direct recognise that some customers find the shape more attractive. Bollards may be for protection and security, but we aim to make them in designs that fit neatly into the environment rather than being at odds with their surroundings.

The square bollard design is not anti-ram as there is no internal steel rod, so it is intended more as a guiding post perhaps as a parking marker or to outline a pathway. The red band around the top makes the bollard more visible and the material is entirely recycled as per all our plastic bollards. This design is surprisingly affordable, easy to install but not recommended where high levels of security are required.

In addition to the above pair of examples Store Fittings Direct also offer a full variety of alternative sizes, heights and diameters, and as with all of our products we invite you to get in touch and talk to one of the team if you have specific size or design requirements that you don’t see in our stock, and we’ll do our best to help.

Why Store Fittings Direct?

With an extensive range of product lines covering everything from cycle racks and external shelters, through street furniture such as bollards, crowd control barriers, turnstile, gates and more. We’re also market leaders in quality store shelving and fittings.  Our friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to  help you find what you need and we are always waiting to help, so give us a call at Store Fittings Direct right now and let’s see if we can find the right design of recycled plastic bollards for your requirements.