Stainless Steel Bollards

As a market leader in shop fittings and street furniture, Store Fittings Direct are the people to talk to for best range of stainless-steel bollards types and sizes. Our bollards are top quality items that have been manufactured by us or chosen for their performance and durability. Whether you need shaped or plain, or crowd control barriers, we promise we have the example for you. The Store Fittings Direct range of stainless-steel barriers includes some attractive designs that are great for when you want to keep vehicles off the path yet give a good first impression for visitors.

Flat Top Stainless-Steel Bollards

Among the most popular of the Store Fittings Direct range of stainless-steel bollards is the standard flat top design. Available in 1200mm and 1500mm height options and no fewer than seven different thicknesses, this quality protective bollard is made from 304 grade steel and presented in a brushed finish.

A choice of three fitting options – base plate, underground and removable socket – is common to the sister products with a domed or mitre top. This is our most cost-effective stainless-steel bollard option and represents very good value in all sizes, and we recommend you have a look at the semi-domed top version of this product.

Mitre Top Stainless-Steel Bollards

The Mitre Top design is very popular for use alongside footpaths and is the most attractive of the stainless-steel bollard designs. These are also ideal for perimeter lining and they are as robust with the 304-grade steel as the other examples. Also available in the same two heights and seven width options as mentioned above, we recommend this design if you need security and to present a high-class image, and they come with the same fixing options as the flat and dome topped versions.

Anti-Ram Bollards

While presenting an attractive stainless-steel finish as the designs above, the Anti-Ram Bollard is fitted with two strong internal steel rods that give it plenty of extra strength. Intended for use in car parks, on pavements – perhaps by cash machines – and anywhere that may invite attempts to get a vehicle through, these are resistant to most attempts and come in a range of heights and thicknesses. For maximum security this is the design you need.

We also offer a selection of telescopic parking bollards as well as a chrome finished model for interior use, and each of our bollards can be made to your own specified size and thickness, colour and finish should the standard be not to your liking. Just talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.

Why Store Fittings Direct?

In addition to stainless steel bollards Store Fittings Direct offers a full range of product lines covering everything from cycle racks and external shelters, through street furniture such as bollards, crowd control barriers, turnstile, gates and more. We’re also market leaders in quality store shelving and fittings.  With a friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are eager to help you find what you need, we are waiting to help, so give us a call at Store Fittings Direct right now and let’s see what we can do for you.