Store Fittings Direct – Timber Bollards

At Store Fittings Direct you’ll find a range of quality timber bollards that are not only tough and durable, but attractive and affordable. Designed for security use and for marking out boundaries, through routes for vehicles or paths, this is the way to when you need bollards that look great in their surroundings but serve their practical purpose. There’s a lot more to our timber bollards, so let’s talk about the benefits and uses of these impressive items.

Benefits of Timber Bollards

Why timber bollards? Our square-shaped timber bollards are used by satisfied customers in many different ways. For example, should you have a property or part of a property that is roadside and at risk from collision by passing vehicles, a line of our attractive oak bollards serves as protection while blending in with the environment. Just as protective as concrete bollards but far nicer to look at, they are preferred by many customers including schools and banks, offices, museums, shops and government buildings, each of whom use them as protection from vehicle collisions.

Some of our customers have used our oak timber bollards to prevent cars and other vehicles from mounting kerbs. This can be an annoying – and dangerous – practice in car parks and around commercial and industrial buildings that can make entry and exiting difficult for other vehicles and for pedestrians. A set of Store Fittings Direct wooden bollards installed in an ideal position along the kerb makes parking on the path impossible, while once again not affecting the overall appearance of the location.

Safety for Pedestrians

Along with the security and protection our timber bollards provide comes another use, that where they are utilised to guide people – or indeed vehicles – through the safest route. Perhaps your building is positioned by a busy road or has an awkward entrance to the parking area. Many customers place two rows of bollards to guide people and vehicles in and out efficiently and safely. This method is used in parks and other attractions where permanent bollards are required, the wooden version being far preferable to the alternative.

Why Should You Buy Timber Bollards from Store Fittings Direct?

As an established supplier of timber bollards and other street furniture – as well as many product lines such as store shelving and displays, barriers and gates and more – Store Fittings Direct can help you find the right timber bollards for your individual needs. Each customer is treated to our excellent service from fully trained and knowledgeable staff, and we promise the best quality not just with our timber bollards but across all of our product lines.

Each of our timber bollards is made in-house using timber from sustainable sources, and we can design and manufacture bollards to your specific requirements if needed. We can also fit energy-efficient LED light to bollards for added security and practicality.

For the very best in attractive, eco-friendly and protective oak timber bollards, talk to one of the team at Store Fittings Direct and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.