Traffic Control Bollards and Traffic Cones

Store Fittings Direct offer the best range of Traffic Control Bollards you will find anywhere. Made from plastic and other suitable material, our bollards are top quality items that have been manufactured by us or chosen for their performance and durability. Whether you need bollards to delineate in and out routes, to control vehicle access or to signify contra-flow conditions, we promise we have the example for you. The advantages of plastic bollards lie in the cheap manufacturing process and durability of the product.

Delineator Marker Posts

Among our most popular products is the Glopost marker post, a design that will be familiar to many. With its reflective sleeve that meets the relevant British Standards requirements and red top and bottom, this type of temporary post is made from a blow moulding process that keeps the price down.

Often used as traffic control bollards they have a standard base and also a twist fitting option so they can be used with cat’s eye sockets. Highly visible, this affordable model is perfect for separating traffic lines effectively. There is also a flexible version of this with a joint that allows it to return to the vertical when knocked over.

Verge Markers

Our range of Verge Markers prove successful in highlighting, for example, dangerous curves that are prone to accidents or hidden entrances that can’t be seen. With their reflective panel they are also used for separating lanes when necessary and are jointed for returning to vertical when hit.

Durable and designed specialty for the purpose, it is a cheap alternative to other more expensive methods of highlighting verges. The Wychwood Verge Marker is our most popular and cost-effective model and is made in Britain and meets all the relevant quality standards. Intended to be pushed into the ground for temporary use, the post can also be set in concrete for more permanent uses.

Keep Left Bollards

Our choice of Keep Left Bollards makes up an important part of our range. Popular with road traffic maintenance outfits, car park operators, and with businesses that need to direct traffic to a specific point, they feature the regulatory white, blue and yellow colours and we can supply either lit or unlit options.

Our Keep Left Bollards are designed to be durable and last a long time even with several collisions and will return to vertical when hit. This is a cheap and versatile way of ensuring successful traffic direction in both permanent and temporary instances.

Why Store Fittings Direct?

With an extensive range of product lines covering everything from cycle racks and external shelters, through street furniture such as bollards, crowd control barriers, turnstile, gates and more, we’re also market leaders in quality store shelving and fittings.  Our friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to  help you find what you need and we are always waiting to help, so give us a call at Store Fittings Direct right now and let’s see if we can find the right design of traffic control bollards for your requirements.