Rapid Lateral Flow Tests “The Route Forward” for Covid-19

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests “The Route Forward” for Covid-19

A little more than 12 months ago covid-19 entered our lives. The alarming rate at which it spread through the world, creating  pandemic of epic proportions, led to massive changes in the way we live our lives, as well as tragic deaths of many thousands of people thanks to the deadly effects of the virus.

At the time of writing, February 2021, there is apparent light at the end of the tunnel in the UK at least. The vaccination programme has been a great success with some 16 million people having had at least the first dose so far, that figure being close to one quarter of the UK population.

In a recent comment on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that “rapid lateral flow tests could be the “route forward” to reopening those parts of the economy we couldn’t get open last year”. The inference is that testing centres may be set up throughout the UK to enable people to be tested quickly and the results processed equally so.

There are many tests approved by the UK government for this purpose including the Healgen Coronavirus Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit which is also approved by Public Health England. This is the test that was used in the mass testing carried out in Liverpool recently, and has also been used elsewhere. Available from Store Fittings Direct, it is currently in high demand and that is expected to continue.

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests Other Rapid Test Kits

Store Fittings Direct also stocks a selection of other antigen test kits that are suitable for rapid lateral flow testing, and demand for these will also be great now that the government is looking at using more of them. Should you be considering purchasing such a test to ensure your staff or members are not infected?

If you run a business of any kind, whether a commercial premises, industrial site or retail unit, it would be sensible to purchase test kits and have them on hand. The test we mentioned above is for professional use, yet there are others that are designed for use by the individual that are proving very popular.

These are being used in schools, in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and care homes as well as by individuals in the home. They are useful for testing your team or staff and ensuring that any who have necessary contact with the public are covid-19 free.

Buy Your Kits Now

As mentioned above, covid-19 testing kits are in great demand right now and we expect this to be ongoing. Store Fittings Direct has a good stock of various tests but you would be advised to get your order in early to ensure delivery as quickly as possible.

It looks more likely that, in the UK at least, testing kits such as this will become necessary requirement in places where employees mix in any number and meet with the general public. Make sure your team are protected by getting your order in for covid-19 testing kits right away.

UV Air Purifier

UV Air Purifier for General and Commercial Use Use – Why You Need One

UV Air Purifier for General & Commercial Use – Why You Need One

The past 12 months has been a difficult time for businesses of all kinds, as well as for educational institutions, the health care sector and households. Indeed, every area of industry and commerce has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic which is still very much front-page news. The crisis has changed the way we approach life in many areas of our behaviour, and it is likely a lot of these changes will remain with us.

Our approach to personal hygiene, and that of the environments we live and work in, has had to change – but in fact it’s been for the better. We now have a better approach to washing our hands, keeping surfaces clean and so on. But there’s one area that has been difficult to deal with: the air that we breathe.

Why UV Air Purifier?

In the UK we have now been required to wear a face mask in shops and other public places for many months. These masks are effective to a point but can never provide 100% prevention. This is one reason why many business, retail outlets, industrial units and even some public spaces such as shopping centres are investing in UV Air Purifiers. What do they do?

A UV Air Cleaner Purifier is a device designed to rid the air of bacteria and viruses that exist in minute form. Rather than using a mechanical filter – a method that many air filters use – it utilises UV light to kill the microbes. Mechanical filters can miss the smallest bacteria, for example, whereas UV light will not.

Furthermore, the UV Air Cleaner Purifier is a silent device. This is important in, for example, an office situation where the team in place need quiet to concentrate and take calls. It’s also useful in shops, where a mechanical filter will constantly add to the background noise that is already present.

These devices are simple to use and do not take up a great deal of space. The light it uses is correctly known as UV-C light, which is the most effective at dealing with microscopic bacteria and viruses, and they run from a standard 240volt mains socket. Should you be looking at installing a UV Air Cleaner Purifier?

Do You Need a UV Air Purifier?

If you are a retailer you may want to consider an air purifier, and you can find out more about them at Store Fittings Direct who are a leading supplier. They are also used in public waiting rooms of all kinds, as well as in restaurants, cafes and pubs. As restrictions are lifted there is no doubt that UV air purifiers will become commonplace in offices, in industrial units, as well as in schools, colleges and hospitals – anywhere, in fact, where people are employed and the public visit.

There is bound to be high demand for UV Air Cleaner Purifiers so we recommend you get an order in early and remember that they can also be used in the home.

Osmio Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Spray

Osmio Sanser Sterilising Spray - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning for Your Home, Workplace and More is Now Affordable

Osmio Sanser Sterilising Spray

The year just gone has been an eye-opener in terms of personal hygiene and that of the environment we live and work in. As one, we’ve had to ramp up our hygiene levels in the face of a potentially deadly threat that faced the entire world. We’ve been shown that, no matter how stringent we were with our cleaning habits before the covid-19 pandemic, they weren’t good enough!

It’s been hard for individuals as well as for businesses, schools, hospitals and other institutions, yet with everyone working together we’ve seen superb efforts in many countries that have surpassed expectations.

Yet, there’s been an underlying problem that faces us all: the lack of affordable, environmentally friendly cleaning products for the home, workplace and other environments. Having to buy more hand cleansing and cleaning agents than usual has taken a chunk out of the household budget, never mind that of a business, but the answer is here. Let us introduce , the item that does it all for you at a price you can afford.

Osmio Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser SprayWhat is The Osmio Sanser Sterilizing Spray?

We’ll begin by explain what Osmio Sanser is not, and that’s an alcohol-based product. Now don’t take this the wrong way: alcohol cleaners are good; they do the job, and they help a great deal. But there’s a problem, and it’s one you’ll have experienced having used this type of product: alcohol absorbs fat. That’s why it leaves your skin dry and often irritable after use. That’s not going to happen when you use Osmio Sanser and here’s why.

He simple fact is that Osmio Sanser is not a cleaning product in the traditional meaning of the word. You have your favourite cleaning agent that you buy from the shop and spray onto surfaces before you use it. And then you have your favoured hand cleansing product that’s become a must-have item for around the home every day. Osmio Sanser is both of those, but in a different way.

Osmio Sanser is a device that creates an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and active cleaning and sanitising agent. It does so using an electrical charge, tap water, and table salt. That sounds too good to be true, right? We can assure you it’s not, so let us explain the basic science behind it so you get a better idea of what it’s all about.

What Makes it Special?

We know that what we’re saying sounds like a fairy tale, so we’ll try and simplify the process. The Osmio Sanser is a device that generates a cleaning solution you can use on your hands, on surfaces, on products and more and that you can use safely. How does it work?

The Osmio Sanser looks a lot like a modern sort of kettle. Inside it is an innovative electrical system that produces a substance known as Sodium Hypochlorite. It might sound fancy and such, but in fact it is the combination of salt, water and an electrical charge. Now sodium hypochlorite is used in many bleach products, but usually alongside other chemicals that make such products potentially harmful and sometimes extremely corrosive to certain materials.

On its own, sodium hypochlorite – in the form produced by the Osmio Sanser – is a harmless substance that cleans everything you want and is safe for children and pets and entirely natural. How does the Osmio Sanser make the sodium hypochlorite? That’s the clever bit!

Creating the Cleansing Agent

The Osmio Sanser has a reservoir into which you put 500ml of tap water. Nothing special, just water straight out of your tap. You then add 12g of table salt. Again, nothing fancy, just the salt you use for your daily meals. Next you plug the Osmio Sanser into a USB port from which it draws its charge. In no more than 10 minutes the device has done its job and you have a usable, natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agent that will remain active for 3 days.

Whether you’re looking at this as a householder or as a business owner – or even as the manager of cleaning business – you can see already that there are many attractive benefits to the Osmio Sanser: it’s green, it uses no chemicals other than salt, and it’s effective. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s talk about how the cleaning products industry has changed in the last year, and where Osmio Sanser can help.

Some Numbers to Consider

Sales of hand cleansing products have grown by more than 800% during the covid-19 crisis. In fact, all cleaning products have experienced a significant increase in demand in the last 12 months. The cost increases to businesses are clearly quite evident, as even the smallest business will have needed to change its way of approaching regular cleaning.

Bear this in mind: Osmio Sanser creates a solution that can be used as a general cleaning agent, as well as for cleaning surfaces, bins, fridges and toilets. It’s worth noting that sodium hypochlorite is used as a treatment for eczema, so it’s kind to the skin. You immediately do away with the need for one-use plastic bottles of bleach, so your green credentials are further enhanced. It’s an all-in-one cleaning product that comes as a ready to go device – all you need to add are the water and the salt.

Think of the potential users: bus and taxi companies, trains and other public transport, schools and colleges, offices, retail outlets and homes - Osmio Sanser can be used in all of these safely and effectively. But here’s the bit you want to know: what does it cost? To produce 500ml of cleaning agent that you can then spray on your surfaces using the Osmio Sanser costs 2p. Two pence. We’ll leave that with you for a moment!

This is a truly innovative product that reduces your cleaning costs, improves your eco-friendly credentials, and is safe and cheap for all to use. Talk to us now for more information on Osmio Sanser, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Mechanical Entrance Gates

Attractive, safe and reliable, we supply a wide selection of manually operated gates which are particularly suited to where a lower level of security is required. Their ergonomic design and the quality of engineering ensure that our gates look great and perform as required time after time. All our mechanical gates have an emergency break-out feature which means the gate arm can always be forced in both directions in case of fire or other emergency situations.

The gates can be used for making entrances, exits and pedestrian passageways. They can partition and block off rooms and efficiently direct customers from the entrance to the cash desk. You can easily combine and integrate these gates with our other entrance and customer guidance systems.

Choose a gate with or without key lock, a Mechanical Push gate, an Emergency Exit Gate or our Bi-Directional Gate. They all have different features to fit your needs.

Order Information

  • All gates are fitted to 1060mm high uprights. Standard finish is bright chrome plate with clear infill panel to arm. You need to calculate:
  • Arm Length - Single gate: Width of gap -150mm, Facing pair of gates, Width of gap - 250mm (Round either up or down to nearest supplied length)
  • Arm Direction - Imagine you are standing behind the supporting post of the gate, looking down the length of the arm, if someone were to walk through the gate, would it move through your left or right quadrant? If it moves through the right, a right-handed gate is needed and vice-versa.
  • Gate Arm = 750mm -150mm = 600mm
  • Select type of gate required. 650-1100mm adjustable arms. Ascertain gate arm direction (left hand, right hand, bi-directional). Order fixings separately. We recommend 4xM10x80 rawlbolts for standard floors.

guiding safeguarding customers

Guiding and Safeguarding Your Customers

Barrier Rails & Uprights

Helping customers to navigate your stores and buildings more easily and safely, Store Fittings Direct's customer guidance systems are a stylish and cost effective way of directing customers or creating a physical barrier.

They are a great complement to our gates, and together provide a comprehensive, flexible and user friendly solution to manage your customer flow. The systems are modular and can be used in a variety of ways, including staircase guidance solutions and as safety barriers on mezzanine floors and around travelators.

Our balustrade and handrail systems comply with all necessary Building Regulation requirements and British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility.

Box Rail MBT

Warehouse / Service Yard

Safeguard and Protect

Back-of-house areas are particularly susceptible to major impact damage due to the weight and size of the traffic there, with the constant movement of fork-lifts and articulated trucks.

Buildings and infrastructure elements such as exposed walls, support columns, docking bays and even power supply units can suffer serious damage due to the power of these impacts.

In addition, damage to valuable assets such as roller shutter doors, cold rooms and freezers, specialist storage equipment and racking systems not only is expensive but can seriously effect their efficient operation, with potential knock-on effects on the sales floor.

To protect your warehouse and service yard fixtures, fittings and general environments from hard hits and bumps, Store Fittings Direct provides a comprehensive range of specially designed, heavy duty damage protection products.

Our floor and wall mounted asset protection products will not only lower your operating costs by reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements, but will also provide a safer and cleaner working environment for your employees.

Whatever your needs, with several options within each product category, Store Fittings Direct’s tried and tested products are up to the task.

Access Management Systems

Store Fittings Direct provides a highly efficient range of secure access control automation, including equipment for pedestrian, passenger and vehicle access to safeguard your property and valuable assets.

Our specialist security products provide a robust performance and proven reliability, whether mechanical, electronic, or software components.

Pedestrian access systems

Uncompromising on security and safety

SFD’s automatic pedestrian entrance control provides:

  • Uncompromising security
  • Efficient and safe pedestrian traffic management
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Proven reliability

Choose from our lines of discreet, innovatively styled products that are compatible with most access control systems, including Security Entrance Lanes, Swing Gates, Half Height and Full Height Turnstiles, and Secure Portals and Doors.

They have been designed to suit a variety of public, government and commercial buildings, and will help you to improve flow efficiencies.

To complement our gates and turnstiles, we supply a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options, and secure fencing for external locations. In addition, to extend the useful lifespan of these products our service engineers can carry out a wide range of preventative maintenance and repair work.

CAR PARK BARRIERS (Barriers And Gates)

Our Automatic Rising Arm Barrier series, which is a fully automatic system, provides rapid access and excellent security to vehicle parks.

The sturdy inverter driven 3Ph motor and gearbox configuration (operates from a 1Ph supply), therefore ensuring smooth and consistent operation time after time. The barrier cycle is 3-5 seconds (depending on pole length), and the smart relay logic allows for semi or fully automatic operation, with minimum electrical modification.

There are a wide variety of access control options to suit individual requirements. Push button, card reader, radio, keypad and intercom can be fitted with minimal electrical work. It is recommended that the aforementioned access control methods be backed up with an induction loop safety and close system.


The smart relay, which has a built in 24/7 day time clock and diagnostics text messaging display (for fault finding), controls the barrier electrically. There is no standard operation; however, most access control systems can be added.

Control options available include; push buttons, keypad, card reader, token, radio or intercom.


The inverter driven 3Phase motor and gearbox (operating from a 1Phase supply), gives greater speed control and torque. There are no hydraulics to leak oil, or reserves to top up. A special spring system ensures the motor loading is kept to a minimum. The Manual hand wind facility (housed beneath a tamperproof cover), ensures the barrier arm can be raised and lowered in the event of power failure.


Applications include car park access control, warehouse protection, building security, government buildings, distribution centres and high security data protection buildings.



Our Series of cantilever sliding gates are made to order and can be supplied with a height of up to 2.4 metres with a drive-through of up to 10 metres wide; all with a ground clearance of 125mm.

Our Intention:

Our intention with this product is to keep your building, staff and assets safe, and deter  nauthorised visitors and would be on foot intruders, by providing a full width, height obstruction.


Applications include car park access control, warehouse protection, military sites, palace security, protection against ram raids, building security, government buildings, distribution centres and high security data protection buildings.


The ISC cantilever sliding gate has a sophisticated, durable and secure appearance. Spikes line the top of the gate to warn off intruders, and the 30mm diameter, 6mm thick evenly-spaced individual bars further add to the sturdy appearance. The compact housing of the electronics, coupled with

the drive motor and supports being expertly hidden beneath the lower beam further enhance the neat and professional appearance. The infill section can be supplied with alternative sections to match your current or intended fence structure and can be infilled with mesh if required.

External Equipment

Enhancing the Customer Journey

In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a priority for any store is to retain its existing customers and to attract new shoppers.

We can help to achieve this objective by providing an attractive and secure environment throughout the shopping journey - from arrival and entrance, while shopping, and to final checkout and departure.

We have worked with our major clients to develop an attractive and cost-effective range of walkways, shelters and external furniture which combine modular formats with robust materials and construction.


Shopping trolley theft is increasing and becoming a serious and costly problem for stores. As much as a third of a store's trolley stock can be lost each year. Apart from the cost of retrieving or replacing them, it can inconvenience customers and result in lost sales.

In addition, over recent years national legislation changes require local councils to enforce increasingly strict environmental controls. Where local councils recover trolleys from parks, rivers and housing estates environmental fines are usually imposed. Most supermarkets are affected by trolley loss, and have a responsibility to limit this as far as is possible.

Our shopping trolley come with the optional extra of a trolley hitch rail keeping your trollies safe from theft a cost effective method for shopping trolley loss prevention, always ensuring that you have enough trolleys for your customers.


And where there are trolleys and cars, there will be accidents, so we also provide a range of robust and durable impact protection products and bollards for external areas including walkways and trolley parks.It is our goal to enable our clients to facilitate the optimum customer experience regardless of which part of their estate they are on, including the external store environs.

Accordingly we have worked with our major clients to develop an attractive and cost-effective range of shelters and external furniture which combine modular formats with robust materials and construction.

Automatic Arm Barrier 10

How Automatic Entrance Gates Work

SFD’s automatic gates can be interfaced with a variety of control systems, from a simple manually operated push button to more sophisticated fully automatic ultrasonic or autosensor devices. Connection to a customer’s own bespoke control system, for example a fire alarm or computer system, is also possible. Standard control mechanisms are described as below:

Photocell Eyes (PEC) are a reliable and effective form of gate control. The eyes act as a presence sensor, sending out a beam of invisible infrared light directed at a reflective strip placed opposite the photocell eye. There are a number of options to suit all needs:

  1. First Front Eye – The first front eye is positioned in the upright post supporting the lead-in rails. When a person or object breaks the invisible beam of light, the gate will open and close again after a pre-set time delay. Should a person or object remain in the path of the light beam, the gate will remain open.
  2. Second Front Eye – Supplementing and operating in the same manner as the first front eye, the second front eye is typically positioned on a cross rail close to the gate body. If the gate begins to close before the customer has passed it, activation of the second front eye will re-open it.
  3. Six Eye Rear Safety Zone – The six eye rear safety zone offers increased safety for pedestrians in the path of the gate arm. If any one of the six eye beams is broken, the gate arm stops moving. The gate will not function until the safety zone area is cleared of any presence and a pre-set time delay

has elapsed.

  1. Reverse Action Eye – Exclusively for use with reverse action gate configurations, it is incorporated into the lead out barrier rail. Reverse action gate configurations allow unrestricted flow in one direction whilst inhibiting flow in the opposite direction.
  2. Push Button – A push button is the simplest means of controlling a gate. It can be used in any application where direct control or monitoring of persons through the gate is required.
  3. Radar – Generally used in applications where space is limited or a more open environment is desired. One internally mounted sensor is required per gate.

Each sensor is factory-set, but due to the variable nature of each installation, it may be necessary to alter the detection range on site.

  1. Rear Safety sensors – Can be used where it is not desirable to use lead-out rails.

One internally mounted sensor is required per gate.

  1. Overhead motion sensor – This control system offers the security benefit of unobtrusive automated entrance gates which are operated based on motion and presence in order to open/close the gates as required. The overhead sensor can be installed in a variety of applications from recessed into the ceiling to supported by unistrut in order to complement the site environment – thus removing need for any barriers whilst giving finite control.

Customer Guidance

Welcome your customers with a first impression that lasts

Shoppers are becoming increasingly intolerant of confusion and delays in navigating their way around a store.

Store Fittings Direct has a comprehensive range of innovative equipment to help manage the flow of your customers and their experiences from entrance to exit. Our equipment solutions are based on dialogue with our customers, accumulated experience and knowledge of flow management theory across various industries and countries, combined with quality engineering and production expertise. They have been designed specifically for retail and commercial use, and will help you to improve flow efficiencies.

To complement our entrance gates and turnstiles, we manufacture a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options. In addition, to extend the useful lifespan of these products our service department is supported by engineers who carry out preventative maintenance and warranty work.

Our customer guidance range includes:

  • Supermarket pedestrian gates – chrome and EPC
  • High quality stainless steel commercial property entrance gates
  • Stainless steel half-height turnstiles – with access controls
  • Circular footprint motorised turnstiles
  • Office and Government entrance systems – rotation or glass arm designs
  • DDI specification solutions and connecting systems
  • Mechanical and lift-up gate designs
  • Chrome and stainless steel barrier rail and modular hand rails