Guidance is Mandatory

Welcome your customers with a first impression that lasts.

Shoppers are becoming increasingly intolerant of confusion and delays in navigating their way around a store. We Have a comprehensive range of innovative equipment to help manage the flow of your customers and their experiences from entrance to exit.

access control
access control
ISP call forward
queue management

Customer Guidance Solutions

Our equipment solutions are based on dialogue with our customers, accumulated experience and knowledge of fl ow management theory across various industries and countries, combined with quality engineering and production expertise. They have been designed specifically for retail and commercial use, and will help you to improve flow efficiencies.

To complement our gates and turnstiles, we manufacture a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options.
In addition, to extend the useful lifespan of these products our service department is supported by engineers who carry out preventative maintenance and warranty work.

  • Supermarket pedestrian gates – chrome and EPC
  • High quality stainless steel commercial property entrance gates
  • Stainless steel half-height turnstiles – with access controls
  • Circular footprint motorised turnstiles
  • Office and Government entrance systems – rotation or glass arm designs
  • DDI specification solutions and connecting systems
  • Mechanical and lift-up gate designs
  • Chrome and stainless steel barrier rail and modular hand rails