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We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
  • Osmio Sanser Sterilising Spray – Environmentally Friendly Cleaning for Your Home, Workplace and More is Now Affordable

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Osmio Sanser Sterilising Spray

The year just gone has been an eye-opener in terms of personal hygiene and that of the environment we live and work in. As one, we’ve had to ramp up our hygiene levels in the face of a potentially deadly threat that faced the entire world. We’ve been shown that, no matter how stringent we were with our cleaning habits before the covid-19 pandemic, they weren’t good enough!

It’s been hard for individuals as well as for businesses, schools, hospitals and other institutions, yet with everyone working together we’ve seen superb efforts in many countries that have surpassed expectations.

Yet, there’s been an underlying problem that faces us all: the lack of affordable, environmentally friendly cleaning products for the home, workplace and other environments. Having to buy more hand cleansing and cleaning agents than usual has taken a chunk out of the household budget, never mind that of a business, but the answer is here. Let us introduce , the item that does it all for you at a price you can afford.

Osmio Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser SprayWhat is The Osmio Sanser Sterilizing Spray?

We’ll begin by explain what Osmio Sanser is not, and that’s an alcohol-based product. Now don’t take this the wrong way: alcohol cleaners are good; they do the job, and they help a great deal. But there’s a problem, and it’s one you’ll have experienced having used this type of product: alcohol absorbs fat. That’s why it leaves your skin dry and often irritable after use. That’s not going to happen when you use Osmio Sanser and here’s why.

He simple fact is that Osmio Sanser is not a cleaning product in the traditional meaning of the word. You have your favourite cleaning agent that you buy from the shop and spray onto surfaces before you use it. And then you have your favoured hand cleansing product that’s become a must-have item for around the home every day. Osmio Sanser is both of those, but in a different way.

Osmio Sanser is a device that creates an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and active cleaning and sanitising agent. It does so using an electrical charge, tap water, and table salt. That sounds too good to be true, right? We can assure you it’s not, so let us explain the basic science behind it so you get a better idea of what it’s all about.

What Makes it Special?

We know that what we’re saying sounds like a fairy tale, so we’ll try and simplify the process. The Osmio Sanser is a device that generates a cleaning solution you can use on your hands, on surfaces, on products and more and that you can use safely. How does it work?

The Osmio Sanser looks a lot like a modern sort of kettle. Inside it is an innovative electrical system that produces a substance known as Sodium Hypochlorite. It might sound fancy and such, but in fact it is the combination of salt, water and an electrical charge. Now sodium hypochlorite is used in many bleach products, but usually alongside other chemicals that make such products potentially harmful and sometimes extremely corrosive to certain materials.

On its own, sodium hypochlorite – in the form produced by the Osmio Sanser – is a harmless substance that cleans everything you want and is safe for children and pets and entirely natural. How does the Osmio Sanser make the sodium hypochlorite? That’s the clever bit!

Creating the Cleansing Agent

The Osmio Sanser has a reservoir into which you put 500ml of tap water. Nothing special, just water straight out of your tap. You then add 12g of table salt. Again, nothing fancy, just the salt you use for your daily meals. Next you plug the Osmio Sanser into a USB port from which it draws its charge. In no more than 10 minutes the device has done its job and you have a usable, natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agent that will remain active for 3 days.

Whether you’re looking at this as a householder or as a business owner – or even as the manager of cleaning business – you can see already that there are many attractive benefits to the Osmio Sanser: it’s green, it uses no chemicals other than salt, and it’s effective. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s talk about how the cleaning products industry has changed in the last year, and where Osmio Sanser can help.

Some Numbers to Consider

Sales of hand cleansing products have grown by more than 800% during the covid-19 crisis. In fact, all cleaning products have experienced a significant increase in demand in the last 12 months. The cost increases to businesses are clearly quite evident, as even the smallest business will have needed to change its way of approaching regular cleaning.

Bear this in mind: Osmio Sanser creates a solution that can be used as a general cleaning agent, as well as for cleaning surfaces, bins, fridges and toilets. It’s worth noting that sodium hypochlorite is used as a treatment for eczema, so it’s kind to the skin. You immediately do away with the need for one-use plastic bottles of bleach, so your green credentials are further enhanced. It’s an all-in-one cleaning product that comes as a ready to go device – all you need to add are the water and the salt.

Think of the potential users: bus and taxi companies, trains and other public transport, schools and colleges, offices, retail outlets and homes – Osmio Sanser can be used in all of these safely and effectively. But here’s the bit you want to know: what does it cost? To produce 500ml of cleaning agent that you can then spray on your surfaces using the Osmio Sanser costs 2p. Two pence. We’ll leave that with you for a moment!

This is a truly innovative product that reduces your cleaning costs, improves your eco-friendly credentials, and is safe and cheap for all to use. Talk to us now for more information on Osmio Sanser, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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