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EV Charging Point Protection







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EV Charging Points and Protection

Across the world major motor manufacturers have recognised the need to move away from fossil fuels. The electric car is rapidly becoming the choice for people buying new, and soon the second-hand market will pick up.

At Store Fittings Direct we have responded to our customer’s requests to stock not only a range of EV charging points, but we have also introduced a choice of bollards and protective items to keep the charging point safe from accidental damage.

As with all our product ranges Store Fittings Direct deals only in top quality products from the best manufacturers, and all items come at competitive prices.

EV Charging Points

At Store Fittings Direct we like to keep on top of developments in our field of business, and EV charging points have been on our radar for some time! We offer a choice of charging points suitable for commercial use in car parks or for home users, and we have sourced our range from the best manufacturers.

All of our charging points are the latest and most efficient designs and will be suitable for all the latest electric and hybrid vehicles, and we can help find the right model for you within your budget, and arrange for installation of either one or more EV charging points at the relevant address.

Hoop Protectors for Charging Points

EV charging points are often damaged by vehicles using them, and at Store Fittings Direct we have a range of Hoop Protectors designed to install in front of the charging point to protect it from collisions.

These superbly designed protectors are firmly installed in the ground and are made from durable metal that will withstand most vehicles. Meeting required standards, we are proud to offer this top-quality product in a range of sizes and at prices that we are sure you will appreciate, and our friendly customer service team can help arrange installation.

Wheel Blocks for Charging Points

If a full hoop guard is not necessary Store Fittings Direct also offer a range of wheel blocks. These not only help protect the EV charging point from damage but also guide the driver to park at the ideal point. Easy to use, affordable, and simple to install, our wheel blocks are the best on the market for using with EV charging points and come at a surprisingly sensible price.

Bollards for EV Point Protection

As leading suppliers of bollards in steel, wood, iron and reinforced plastic Store Fittings Direct has the best choice of protective bollards for your EV charging points. We can help with all sizes and styles, each of our bollards being of the highest quality available.

Our range of bollards for EV charging point and other uses is the most comprehensive you will find, and we guarantee you will get the best protection when you buy from us at superbly competitive rates.

Why Use Store Fitting Direct?

As established leaders in the supply of bollards, barriers and other such furniture, Store Fittings Direct is proud to enter the EV charging point market with our range of charging points, hoop barriers, wheel blocks and bollards, each designed to prevent your EV charging points from damage due to collisions.

At Store Fittings Direct we are proud of a reputation for excellent customer service with our friendly and expert team on hand to help with all your enquiries and requirements, as well as offering top quality products at sensible prices.

With a wealth of satisfied customers we invite you to get in touch now and ensure you have the most up to date EV charging points, and adequate protection from collisions. We’re here to help, so call us at Store Fittings Direct right now and one of the team will be happy to help.

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