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Please note: We currently don’t ship to Northern Ireland.

Half Height Turnstiles

Our extensive range of half height turnstiles have a compact and elegant design combined with a cost effective and completely reliable operation. Our half height turnstile gates are the ideal choice for providing effective access control in areas where previously security had been desirable but the associated aesthetic implications had been unwelcome or prohibitive, whether it is in retail sites, industrial premises, offices, transport, airports or leisure centres. We have the designs available that can offer a flexible approach to balance the issues of security, aesthetics and ease of use.







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Automatic Door Safety Barrier – Floor to Floor



Automatic Door Safety Barrier – Floor to Wall



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Automatic Swing Gate [AlphaGate]



Triflo Premier Access Control Turnstile



Triflo Sentry Access Control Half Height Turnstile



Triflo Console Access Control Half Height Turnstile



Half Height Turnstiles and Speed Lanes

As a leading supplier of street furniture such as bollards and posts, a full range of store fittings, and other products such as turnstiles, access control systems and entrance and checkout gates, Store Fittings Direct is the name you need to remember for access and exit solutions. We have everything from simple one-way gates to full turnstiles, as used by stores, sports arenas and other venues throughout the UK. With a promise of quality products across all our lines you will find our half height turnstile and speed lane solutions provide the answer you need, and we’re happy to try and help if you don’t see what you need in our extensive range.

Half Height Turnstiles

Store Fittings Direct offers the best choice of half height turnstiles you will find anywhere. Our products are selected for quality and purpose, and we have examples for high-footfall as well as slower-moving crowds. The benefit of a half-height turnstile lies in its ease of use and practicality, with large numbers of people being able to pass through quickly upon presenting the right credentials.

Each of our turnstiles meets the required British Standard for quality and safety, and all are designed to be robust and last a long time. We have choices for arenas, leisure centres, schools and colleges and offices where entry is restricted, all at excellent prices.

Speed Lanes

At Store Fittings Direct we are proud to offer the Broughton Automated Speed lane access solution, designed for use in prestige venues and at high-class events. With its attractive finish and glass protective arms, this speed lane is idea for allowing access quickly for guests while preventing those who are not invited from entering, all automatically. Designed as a permanent fixture, we offer installation as part of the deal with this top of the range product.

The Store Fittings Direct range of turnstiles and speed lanes – we can also offer full height speed lanes, checkout gates and many other entrance an exit security and crowd control solutions – is popular with sports arenas, concert halls, shopping centres, government buildings, museums and galleries and many other establishments throughout the UK, and we believe our prices for this top quality range of products to be the best in the business.

Why Store Fittings Direct?

Our comprehensive range of product lines covering everything from cycle racks and external shelters, through street furniture such as bollards, crowd control barriers, turnstile, gates and more means we have all the bases covered. We’re also market leaders in quality store shelving and fittings.  Our friendly team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to help you find what you need, and we are always waiting to help. If you can’t see what you need on our website or you need a specific size that is not among the standard options give us a call at Store Fittings Direct right now and let’s see if we can find the right design of turnstile or speed lane solution for your requirements.

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