We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
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We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.

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Automatic Swing Gate [AlphaGate]


(From £2,580.00 incl VAT)

Upgrade to smarter pedestrian control with the Automatic swing Gate.  The Alphagate MKII introduces many new features and the latest technology components to the traditional automatic pedestrian gate you might recognise in your local supermarket. It also introduces preconfigured modes that enable quick changes in use. Installation service available upon request. Call 0116 318 4182.
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Select a product variation to get estimate

A supermarket automatic gate systems and so much more…

When a Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate just wont cut it, automatic swing gate systems are the answer. 

We’ve been working hard on an automatic swing gate that is robust, easy to configure and is flexible enough to suit any location and pedestrian flow.

The Alphagate MKII is our latest model. This is an automatic swing gate system that can be configured in several common modes:

  • Standard
  • Welcome
  • Secure
  • Cleaning
  • Self-Checkout modes

This is all made possible by the brand new control board, which is built into the electric swing gate.

Automatic Swing Gate without the Snap

A much sought after new function of the AlphaGate MKII is the “soft-opening/ soft stop” functionality, which limits the amount of torque generated in the opening and closing process to improve the long term performance and reliability.

No more snapping shut and catching customers. This is a friendly gate that maintain the secure elements associated with an automatic swing gate.

A Child Safe Gate you can Trust

The Alphagate MKII can be fitted with a Childsafe function. This instantly stops the gate arm when a child or customer is behind the gate arm. It will also re-open the gate arm when a customer has crossed the zero position. These are intelligent features that keep your business secure and your customers safe.

Automatic Pedestrian Gate Features:

  • Automatic gate arm reset (after release of the panic function)
  • 0 to 180 degree operation
  • Left and right hand functionality at the flick of a switch
  • Adjustable panic force
  • Easy linking and synchronisation between multiple gates through GateCOM™
  • SCO-Mode supported for exit gate configuration
  • Gate arm Soft-Stop
  • Cleaning mode – all gates can be opened simultaneously from an optional control panel for cleaning machines and deliveries
  • Different operation modes (e.g. Welcome, Standard and Secure)


  • Operation modes: Welcome, Secure, Standard, SCO
  • Opening controls: control-panel, built-in radar, overhead sensor, photo-electric cell, radio remote control, and external relays
  • Childsafe sensor for maximum safety
  • Power supply from the ceiling
  • Finished in bright chrome or powder coated in any colour of your choice (Enquire for details)
  • Standard gate arms, deep gate arms, LED gate arms and Logos available (N.B we recommend a standard arm as using a full depth arm will disable safety cells)
  • Back-to-back installation with single rail


Opening time 1.2 s
Closing time 2.5 s
Panic force (1 m gate arm) 40 to 75 Nm
Signal type NPN, 12 VDC
Adjustable settings Panic force, opening/closing delay time, safety sensor delay time
Motor voltage 24 VDC

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