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Cast Iron Manchester Bollard

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Our range of external Recycled Plastic Bollard require less maintenance than traditional stainless steel and painted products. They are also a more environmentally friendly alternative, utilising plastic waste generated from the production process, and having a replaceable external sleeve which extends the bollards effective lifespan.



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Cast Iron Manchester Bollard

Classic style Manchester cast iron bollard with decorative banding and rounded top, comes in Root fixed or Removable.

  • Traditional choice of bollard style & shape
  • 1300mm overall height, 1000mm above ground
  • 220mm Diameter
  • Supplied plain Black: Optional Extras Gold Banding top, middle or bottom.
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    General bollards are not to be used as delineators (a delineator is a post, placed at the edge of a carriageway, to indicate the alignment of the road and/or to warn of a hazard during daytime conditions).

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