Gel Pole Hand Sanitiser Station

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Freestanding Pedal Activated Hand Sanitising Station

Proudly made in UK, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical, with a pedal mechanism that avoids hands making contact with the sanitiser bottle.

Product function and finish is guaranteed for 3 years.


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Freestanding Pedal Activated Gel Pole Hand Sanitiser Station – PROMOTE INCREASED HYGIENE AND SAFETY.

Heavy-duty stainless-steel Pedal Activated Gel Pole Hand Sanitiser Station dispenser which can be had with a heavy plate base for when portability is necessary.

With a 500ml bottler – refillable at the top and secured with a key – the sanitiser is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply replace the bottle of Sanitiser with a new one (available separately) and you are away. Use with GPS Advanced Sanitiser for best performance.

No touch hand cleaning is the major benefit, as the system is foot-operated for added efficiency.

The advertised price includes necessary signage for use, the product comes with a full 3-year warranty and is extremely low maintenance.

Sturdy and well-built, this quality sanitiser is ideal for use where the safety of those in the workplace – including visitors – is high priority. Made from top quality brushed stainless steel, the sanitiser is designed to look attractive and last the longest time with frequent use. This device will look at home in commercial and industrial settings, as well as in the home.

As it is foot operated, the sanitiser needs no touch from the hands as the disinfectant is dispensed by way of an easy to use, anti-slip pedal as the users holds their hands underneath the dispenser point. This method ensures greater hygiene and cleanliness.

Users include pharmacies and medical centres, retail outlets, gas stations, commercial office sites and educational establishments, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, plus airports and other facilities where heavy footfall is expected.

Alongside the dispenser, we can also supply you with effective antibacterial gel that has been laboratory tested and accredited.

Make sure hand sanitiser stations are highly visible and easy to reach to encourage their use as required.

They should be placed in areas where there is a high footfall, and where there are surfaces that may be subject to frequent use, including:

Doorways and Entrances

Doorknobs are touched by many people and are rarely cleaned and are a prime culprit in spreading viruses.

A recent example of research proved that a virus on just one doorknob could spread to as many as 60% of those in the building.

Light switches and other high-use objects within a workplace are also problematic, so make sure a sanitiser station is close to any of these.

Eating Areas

Canteens, cafes, and rooms used or a break where food may be eaten by hand are problem areas, as it is easy to ingest germs.

A recent study showed the kitchen areas of offices to be among the most infected areas of a workplace.

Hand sanitisers are therefore essential in these areas, in clear view and easy to reach.

Areas of Heavy Footfall

It is vital to provide hand sanitisers for the use of those entering and leaving the building.

Arrival and departure terminals and waiting rooms at transport hubs, malls and shopping centres, plus recreational areas should all be equipped with hand sanitisers.

This not only stems the spread of viruses; it also displays concern on the part of those in charge.

Our Freestanding Pedal Activated Gel Pole Hand Sanitising Station is Proudly made in UK, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical, with a pedal mechanism that avoids hands making contact with the sanitiser bottle.
It doesn’t need any permanent installation but can fixed to the ground. It’s very stable with a large foot plate and is anti-vandal in design. Compatible with any standard sanitiser bottle, allowing it to be used in many applications.

Features :

  • Hands free foot operated dispenser
  • Suitable for use inside and out and perfect for no touch cleansing of hands.
  • 201 Brushed Stainless Steel body
  • Locking top cap for security
  • Quick refill operation
  • 500ml refillable bottle
  • Dispenser refill window
  • 3 point ground fixing
  • 1M in height
  • Price includes signage as shown
  • Clear user instructions

Refill Bottles can be found here 

A perfect way to compliment our range of Sneeze Screens and PPE.

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