Heavy Duty HGV Wheel Stops

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HGV Wheel Stops provide essential protection to buildings, walls, perimeter fencing and shrubbery around warehouse and industrial facilities.

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Heavy Duty HGV Wheel Stops

HGV Wheel Stops provide essential protection to buildings, walls, perimeter fencing and shrubbery around warehouse and industrial facilities.

The range combines the durability and longevity of recycled tyres with a weather-proof and durable visibility strip.

Traditional specifications for heights of Parking Bay Wheel Stops for HGV Artic Trailers is typically 150mm high.
We have seen across the UK a lowering of trailer mudguards, bodywork skirtings and suspension gear heights above road/service yard slab level. This has promoted the higher risk of the trailer equipment clashing with vehicle Wheel Stops.
We also see Shunter practices (tipping trailer up to clear lowered landing legs causing the same clash issues. This will typically manifest in the following operation issues and damage to vehicle trailer equipment;

  • Mudflap ‘Pinch’ – some vehicles will trap mudguard between tyre and Wheel Stop often resulting in ripping off or damaging mudguards / fixing to vehicles – this is a costly repair and takes vehicles out of commission with high operational cost and service impact
  • Suspension Gear – typically gets lower as the vehicle is laden and or the air is released from system – typically with 2 WheelStops the suspension gear should not reach the Wheel Stops but if parking is skewed / acutely angled clash can happen with damage to wheelstops and likely replacement costs incurred
  • Streamlined vehicle skirtings can also chew the top of Wheel Stops and or damage the bodywork of the vehicle trailer with damage to WheelStops and likely replacement costs incurred and costs of bodywork repairs
  • Shunters often tip trailers up to increase the risk of all the above situations and will be more aggressive should you opt for a steel WheelStop solution!

We have over the past 3 years converted over 50% of our end user sites successfully to a slightly lower profile of WheelStop – HLGV (110mm High). We can report the reduction in issues is significant if not ‘total’ in most cases. There is a typical 10% product cost reduction for the units when moving from the HGV to the HLGV specification.
The HLGV unit suits most commercial vehicle types;

  • Artic Trailers
  • Tractor Units
  • Lorries
  • Double Deckers
  • Combination Vehicles
  • Coaches
  • Light Good Vehicles

Consideration has to be given to the speeds of reversing practice of artic trailers – our customer feedback has resulted in zero issues with ride-over evaluated over a 3 year period when moving to the lower WheelStop specification.
In terms of ‘Security of fix’ to the substrates – the full range of recycled rubber WheelStops are extremely robust, as part of the design the rubber tyre to rubber WheelStop contact is a cushion effect and does not stress the fixings as with steel WheelStops. Regarding the suitability to withstand the high tonnage of trailer parking activities typical on a warehouse and logistics site – the testing of this product (in the field now for over 4 years), is that up to 44 tonne trailers and tractor units with high frequency of daily movements (parking routines) has resulted in no known failures of WheelStops or fixings. This is outside of the reported issues of vehicle equipment clashing with WheelStops as detailed above (these are specific cause and effect issues that have led to re-educating the HGV client base on suitable ‘NEXT GENERATION, WheelStop height specification detailed in this document.
The only failures of WheelStops over the past 3 years is exclusively when using the product in forklift loading environments where there is high risk of forklifts ripping the WheelStops from their fixings. If the management routine is good in these areas and forklift operators observe and avoid clash then it is fine to use this product for this application if it is high risk we can provide a suitable alternative solution for these areas only.


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