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We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.

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Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate Bi-Directional


(From £696.00 incl VAT)

A Bi-Directional Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate is used for much more than checkouts at the supermarket. Available as a standard arm or full length to floor arm. Select option for images. 
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More than just a Supermarket Swing Gate!

These gates are commonly associated with supermarkets, but they’re much more versatile than this. We’ve sold hundreds of our self-closing turnstile gates now and seen them installed in a variety of environments, including:

  • libraries
  • retail stores
  • fitness centres and swimming pools
  • cinemas
  • office buildings
  • emergency exits
  • ticketing checkpoints at arenas, sports venues and event locations

Why should I use a Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate?

Doing our part to keep people safe is essential and sometimes that can be as simple as enforcing social distancing and one way systems through buildings. Implementing these measures and potentially saving lives can be as simple as installing a few of our bi-directional Pedestrian Turnstile Gates. 

Using a manual swing pedestrian turnstile gate instantly brings in a level of control over pedestrian flow. Place them at entrances and exits and the spring mechanism will ensure the walk way remains clear and used as intended. They will instantly snap shut behind the person meaning no physical interaction is needed. This can free up staff and back them up in policing your premises.

Is a Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate the right solution?

Not only are these swing gates extremely versatile when it comes to how you can use them, but they are super durable and inexpensive, making them the ideal solution to your pedestrian traffic and security needs.

Because they are bi-directional and easily adaptable, they can be configured in a wide variety or ways to suit your business and the type of foot traffic you get. A 180 degree operational swing mean accessibility is never an issue. Traffic can flow from even direction based on signage and the spring will always close the swing arm promptly.

We recommend these anywhere that requires a controlled flow of traffic but where security is less of a concern.

Did you know: Plastic infills can be customised with symbols and colour chrome to help personalise your Manual Swing Pedestrian Turnstile Gate. This can keep it on brand and direct pedestrian flow. You may even use it to display custom warning signs. NB. We do not supply the Customisable Symbols.

Swing Gate Turnstile Design Notes:

  • Mild steel body in bright chrome
  • 650 – 1100mm adjustable arm
  • Optional extra of a full depth arm (767mm deep) with perspex or white infill panel, with or without a support leg

NB: Supplied with square foot.

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