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Mechanical Checkout Mounted Closer Gate

£399.00 + VAT

Our family of mechanical gates offers an extremely effective yet economical access security solution.
As reliable as it is practical, the mechanical gate is designed to be used in areas to positively indicate the entrance/exit flow and is particularly suited to where maximum security is not required.

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Mechanical Checkout Mounted Closer Gate

When checkouts/cashier lines are unmanned it is important that customers are directed to the correct exit areas to restrict unauthorized exit through checkout areas/cashier lanes that are closed.
The new Alarmed Mechanical Checkout Closer, including key lock and alarm, is manufactured for retail environments and will offer excellent reliability, functionality and ease of use.
When the gate is not locked, it can be easily opened in both directions by lifting the locking mechanism. When the gate is locked in any position, the keys supplied can be used to unlock the gate and allow easy movement of the gate arm. The alarm will sound if the gate arm is pushed into panic mode without lifting the locking mechanism.


  • Lockable checkout closer with 2 keys.
  • Bi-Directional functionality (180 degree).
  • Manual gate arm reset (after release of the panic function).
  • Adjustable panic force.

Panic force (1 m gate arm): 40 to 80 Nm
Adjustable settings: panic force
Weight: 9.0 kg

NB. Please allow a 7-10 day lead time on this item

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