Replaceable recycled plastic bollard

Plastic Bollards – Replaceable and Recycled

£69.00 + VAT

Our range of external Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollard require less maintenance than traditional stainless steel and painted products. They are also a more environmentally friendly alternative, utilising plastic waste generated from the production process, and having a replaceable external sleeve which extends the bollards effective lifespan.

This product will be delivered in 3 to 5 Working Days.

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    This is the kit to purchase to replace a damaged Bollard

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Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards

Our Recycled plastic bollard is made entirely from hard wearing plastic, and incorporates the plastic off cuts and other waste generated during manufacture.
We offer a standard version which is suited to more moderate traffic areas, and an anti-ram model. This high visibility bollard is great protection for outdoor areas in use by heavy vehicles. It can be placed at either side of a door or shutter to prevent dangerous and costly collisions with walls and door frames.

Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollard features:

  • Simple to replace with no need for concrete work.
  • 100% recycled MDPE cover.
  • When impacted at 4+mph the bollard will fold over, with no risk of flying off and causing damage to cars or injury to customers.
  • Bollard will absorb impact up to 4mph without damage.
  • Bollard cover can be re-used, only replacement cost of core and collar.
  • Will not damage concrete when impacted.
  • Can be straightened after impact prior to replacement so as not to be a trip hazard and still act and a visual barrier.
  • Vandal proof locking mechanism requires bar and knowledge of locking mechanism to remove bollard.

** Download installation manual here **

Positioning Guidelines:

  • We recommend a clearance of 1200mm maximum between bollard centres and minimum 1200mm between bollard and surface to be protected.
  • Typically position as demarcation line between pedestrians and vehicles

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