Semi Vertical Cycle Stand

Semi Vertical Cycle Rack – Bike Rack

£50.00 + VAT

The Modular Cycle Rack offers a simple way to store cycles. Utilising the Sheffield Cycle Stands, this is one of our most popular cycle racks. It provides simple yet secure cycle storage on a double sided basis.

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Semi Vertical Cycle Rack – Bike Rack

This semi Vertical cycle rack or Bike rack is designed to house bikes in a semi-vertical position whilst still maintaining an organised, efficient and professional appearance. Ideal for all industries including offices, Schools and Universities, this modernised cycle rack is certainly a sign of the times – as well as the future of workplace and leisure environments.

Designed with space saving in mind. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is an easy to use cycle parking solution allowing users to store their bikes semi-vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a specially designed trough. This simple product maximises the use of space compared to traditional cycle parking methods, and can be incorporated into most spaces.  Placed back-to-back, you can optimise the amount of storage available in spaces you might have previously dismissed.

The semi-vertical bike rack is an extremely flexible storage solution. Whether you create a central island or place them against the wall, you’ll be providing convenient, secure and easy-to-use infrastructure for cyclists. Browse the options and order today, or contact us for further support.

Semi Vertical Cycle Rack Features :

  • It has custom designed troughs which hold the front and rear wheels in position
  • Suitable for storing all types of bikes including mountain bikes and racing bikes
  • Manufactured from RHS sectional solid steel tube and rolled steel angle
  • Fully welded and prefabricated construction
  • All steel work is hot dip galvanised to ISO1461
  • Supplied in kit form for simple on site assembly

The lengths per rack are calculated on 305mm Centres and allowing for end space of 300mm per end.
So the Length of a 9 space is (8 x 305mm = 2440mm + 600mm = 3040mm total length).

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