Timber Bollards | Solid oak with various finishes

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Our Pyramid top Solid Oak Timber Bollards is part of our comprehensive selection of bollards. In environments where a slightly more ‘natural’ look is desired, a solid hardwood timber bollard is the perfect solution.

** These bollards are made to order – Due to very high demand lead time Currently 10 working days.

This product will be delivered in 7 to 10 Working Days.

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Budget Oak Timber Bollards

Our Solid Oak Timber Bollard with Pyramid top is part of our comprehensive selection of bollards. In environments where a slightly more ‘natural’ look is desired, a solid hardwood timber bollard is the perfect solution. Whether it be within playing fields, country parks or ornamental gardens, square cut round timber posts – a hardwood bollard unobtrusively definitely does the job, separating pedestrians from traffic, clearly defining paths and always blending in naturally and beautifully.

A full range of different shapes and styles to suit individual landscaped environments. Additional options can be added including recesses.

Solid Oak Timber Bollards Standard and optional features:

  • Manufactured from solid Oak
  • Top finish available in Flat top, Pyramid top, 4 Way flat top, Half Pyramid or Mitre top
  • Various different widths from 100mm to 200mm
  • Lengths available include 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 18000mm or 2400mm (Overall)
  • Options include various recesses.


  • Durable Materials & construction
  • Multiple timbers & sizes available
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainably sourced timbers

Positioning Guidelines:

  • We recommend a clearance of 1200mm maximum between bollard centres and minimum 1200mm between bollard and surface to be protected.
  • Typically position as demarcation line between pedestrians and vehicles

Our solid Oak Bollards with a pyramid top profile are perfect for demarcation purposes, protecting grass verges from vehicles or even providing a barrier for buildings.

Please note that should you choose the planed option, the overall section size of your bollard will be reduced by 6mm.

Our Timber Bollards are made to order as they are a natural product and are generally supplied in 23 weeks from order, please be patient as these are not an off the shelf product. With Oak being a natural product you may experience some cracking or splitting of the timber, this is quite normal.

** Please note, these Oak Timber Bollards are hand made to order, finished and planed by hand. The images on the website are only a representative of the finished article. Because they are hand made finishes will vary from order to order. A premium European Oak is used but Oak is not always going to be a perfect finish so some cracking, splitting and variation on finishes is to be expected. For a perfect finish please consider the Iroko bollards we offer which is a premium product and can be found <here>

During bust times these times may be slightly longer.

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