Standalone Android Media Player

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Convert Existing Screens into a Plug & Play or Network Solution
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Standalone Android Media Player

Android Media Player

The Android OS has made life easy, little wonder the Standalone Android Media Player is gaining popularity for their easy updating features and much faster speeds. With the help of the PC board, you can upgrade your player for networking while also enabling the running of 3rd party Digital Signage software.

Android Media Player

Plug and Play

The updating of these HD Android media players is a seamless process by using a USB stick. Pictures and videos are loaded onto a USB stick and then inserted right into the media player, which then copies and files in its internal memory. The moment the USB stick is removed, your pictures and videos play continuously.

Standalone Android Media Player

Leverage by using Scheduling Software

One of the ways you can get the best out of this player is by making use of the scheduling software, which puts in your hands the power to display content at certain times of the day. Additionally, you can include scrolling text and also set image duration and the effects of transition while this software is in use.

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 24/7 Commercial use

To ensure its constant use over a 24 hour and seven days a week period,   commercially graded high quality components are utilised in the design of the media player. This is differs from what is obtainable as regards the domestic player or even the DVD players; the HD Android player is built purposely to run continuously, hence their robust nature. Running touch screen apps with this media player is not left out too.

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 Excellent Eco-friendly Timer

The eco-friendly power timer works to allow the assigning of daily or weekly on and off times for your media player. Automatic power on and off gives you the opportunity to use it only when necessary, which invariably enhances environmental efficiency.

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