Stratton Double Eco Timber Bollard 1

Stratton Double Eco LED Lighting Timber Bollard

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Our Square Range of Timber Bollards is part of our comprehensive selection of bollards. In environments where a slightly more ‘natural’ look is desired, a solid hardwood timber bollard is the perfect solution.

This product will be delivered in 7 to 10 Working Days.

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Stratton Double Eco Timber Bollard

The eco-friendly design of this Stratton Double Eco LED Lighting Timber Bollard provides the likes of amenity areas, parks, pubs, hotels, national trust houses and the edge of docks with a sustainable solution for illuminating the borders of a path or public space, such as outdoor seating, driveways and walkways. It is milled from sustainably sourced Scandinavian softwood which is built to withstand the outdoor elements, whilst still evoking a particularly distinctive look – due to the natural characteristics of the timbers, the product will crack, twist and warp over time (this is completely normal) which only adds to its character as no two bollards are ever the same.

Fitted with an energy efficient LED lamp unit for efficient low level lighting, it improves night-time safety and security with only minimal maintenance required. All components of this bollard use either recyclable or elements that naturally decompose at the end of its lifespan.

Stratton Double Eco Timber Bollard Features

  • Double LED Eco-friendly Lighting LED Bollard
  • The Ideal choice for parks, hotels, river walkways, driveways, etc
  • Clearly highlights and Effectively illuminates the borders of a path or public space
  • Safety in mind Enhances pedestrian night-time visibility and safety
  • Very Low carbon footprint
  • All components are either recyclable or naturally decompose
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions
  • 1.3w warm white LED lamp
  • 240v power and flying lead
  • Very Low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components
  • Manufactured using sustainably sourced timbers

Technical Information


  • Dimensions: 250x150x1100 (800mm above ground level)


Installing the bollard couldn’t be easier – Step One : simply create a hole in the ground and fix in place with your preferred concrete mix. Step two : Connect power using a waterproof electrical connector (not supplied).

Please Note: This lighting bollard requires main voltages – we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified electrician.

Positioning Guidelines:

  • We recommend a clearance of 1200mm maximum between bollard centres and minimum 1200mm between bollard and surface to be protected.
  • Typically position as demarcation line between pedestrians and vehicles

Our Timber Bollards are made to order as they are a natural product and are generally supplied in 1-2 weeks from order

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