We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
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We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
  • Rapid Lateral Flow Tests “The Route Forward” for Covid-19

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Rapid Lateral Flow Tests “The Route Forward” for Covid-19

A little more than 12 months ago covid-19 entered our lives. The alarming rate at which it spread through the world, creating  pandemic of epic proportions, led to massive changes in the way we live our lives, as well as tragic deaths of many thousands of people thanks to the deadly effects of the virus.

At the time of writing, February 2021, there is apparent light at the end of the tunnel in the UK at least. The vaccination programme has been a great success with some 16 million people having had at least the first dose so far, that figure being close to one quarter of the UK population.

In a recent comment on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that “rapid lateral flow tests could be the “route forward” to reopening those parts of the economy we couldn’t get open last year”. The inference is that testing centres may be set up throughout the UK to enable people to be tested quickly and the results processed equally so.

There are many tests approved by the UK government for this purpose including the Healgen Coronavirus Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit which is also approved by Public Health England. This is the test that was used in the mass testing carried out in Liverpool recently, and has also been used elsewhere. Available from Store Fittings Direct, it is currently in high demand and that is expected to continue.

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests Other Rapid Test Kits

Store Fittings Direct also stocks a selection of other antigen test kits that are suitable for rapid lateral flow testing, and demand for these will also be great now that the government is looking at using more of them. Should you be considering purchasing such a test to ensure your staff or members are not infected?

If you run a business of any kind, whether a commercial premises, industrial site or retail unit, it would be sensible to purchase test kits and have them on hand. The test we mentioned above is for professional use, yet there are others that are designed for use by the individual that are proving very popular.

These are being used in schools, in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and care homes as well as by individuals in the home. They are useful for testing your team or staff and ensuring that any who have necessary contact with the public are covid-19 free.

Buy Your Kits Now

As mentioned above, covid-19 testing kits are in great demand right now and we expect this to be ongoing. Store Fittings Direct has a good stock of various tests but you would be advised to get your order in early to ensure delivery as quickly as possible.

It looks more likely that, in the UK at least, testing kits such as this will become necessary requirement in places where employees mix in any number and meet with the general public. Make sure your team are protected by getting your order in for covid-19 testing kits right away.

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