Safeguard and Damage Protection

Back-of-house areas are particularly susceptible to major impact damage due to the weight and size of the traffic there, with the constant movement of fork-lifts and articulated trucks.

Buildings and infrastructure elements such as exposed walls, support columns, docking bays and even power supply units can suffer serious damage due to the power of these impacts.

In addition, damage to valuable assets such as roller shutter doors, cold rooms and freezers, specialist storage equipment and racking systems not only is expensive but can seriously effect their efficient operation, with potential knock-on effects on the sales floor.

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rack protectors

Safeguard is a must-have for your warehouses and yards

To protect your warehouse and service yard fixtures, fittings and general environments from hard hits and bumps, We provide a comprehensive range of specially designed, heavy duty damage protection products.

Our safeguard floor and wall mounted asset protection products will not only lower your operating costs by reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements, but will also provide a safer and cleaner working environment for your employees.

Whatever your needs, with several options within each product category, Our tried and tested products are up to the task.