We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
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We are closed from the 21st December until 4th January. Any orders placed will be processed on the 4th.
  • Sales Floor Impact Protection

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Attractive and effective protection to save you money

Display fixtures, chiller cabinets and service counters are constantly exposed to damage from shopping trolleys and store equipment such as roll cages and pallet jacks. This can lead to untidy looking shopping areas and expensive repairs or even replacement units.

Store Fittings Direct has sourced a highly successful range of impact protection equipment, based on a detailed understanding of store operations combined with our quality engineering and production expertise.

We provide total damage prevention for the Sales Floor, from a variety of bumper systems, specialist corner and column products, and protection posts which are ideal for safeguarding your expensive and fragile equipment.

Extending your equipment’s useful lifespan

Providing appropriate protection for your store assets to extend their effective lifespan not only saves money but also helps the environment by reducing the demand for new resources.

To protect your store fixtures and fittings from hard hits and bumps we provide a comprehensive range of floor and wall mounted damage protection products for the shop sales floor. Our specialist products have been carefully designed, engineered and tested to meet the demands of modern store environments.

Whatever your needs, with several options within each product category Store Fittings Direct’s tried and tested products are up to the task.

High impact Bumper Rail

Our high impact bump and protection rails offer effective protection for surfaces against impact and collisions. It is used widely throughout retail and is also suitable for a broad range of other installations where surface protection is required, including airports, hospitals and hotels.

Optimum protection and durability

Manufactured with injection moulded stop ends, our range of bump rails are durable and absorb collision from both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and are the ideal protection solution for a multitude of environments. They absorb impact through a combination of facing rail, internal web meshing and rubber spacers, and will last for years.

Function and flair

Introducing a wall protection system that doesn’t have to mean compromising on design. Our range of Rigid and Flexible rails combine function and flair to give optimum protection without being obtrusive. They are easily interchangeable, making this system not only designer friendly but also cost effective.

Easy to install

It is highly configurable and simple to install with an option of nominal 25mm or 50mm width to suit requirements. The plastic backing rail is secured firmly to the wall using screws & plugs then the front rail is clipped into place.

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