Shopping Trolley Shelters

Store Fittings Direct is a leading name in street furniture and shop fittings and we have a selection of shopping trolley shelters for all requirements. Whether you want a small shelter for just a few trolleys or a more extensive example that will hold enough for a large supermarket we can help, and we guarantee our shelters are of a high quality and built to standards that will resists the wind and rain they will be subject to.

About Our Shopping Trolley Shelters

The Store Fittings Direct range of trolley shelters covers all the bases. Whether you run a small shop or a full-size store we have shelters in sizes and styles that will suit your needs. With stylish designs such as the Dalby and Broughton ranges, each of which offers a fully enclosed shelter with a modern look, you can have a shelter outside your store that looks the part and is durable and long-lasting.

Our Contemporary shopping trolley shelter is a popular choice with big chain stores and comes with an aluminium frame and steel crash rails for added protection. A clear polycarbonate roof provides excellent UV and weather protection, while the entire unit is bolted down securely. You can choose us to supply the shelter with instructions for erecting or talk to us about our fitting service for a professional finish.

We can also supply accessories such as a hitch rail for securing the trolleys when the shop is closed, and the standard size will fit into one standard parking space. This model fits three rows of 12 trolleys side by side, so 36 trolleys in total, and different sizes are available should you require fewer or more. Have a look now and you’ll be impressed with our standard of quality and affordable prices.

Mobile Shopping Trolley Park

For smaller stores that don’t have the benefit of a car park or have limited space, we can recommend our clever and popular mobile shopping trolley park. Suitable for storing up to 10 standard shopping trollies, it is designed to be robust with harness rails and lockable castors and can be moved around to wherever is convenient as you wish. Robustly made so it will withstand the work it has to do and also the weather, this is a low-cost option that will appeal to small shops.

Why Store Fittings Direct?

As a leading name in street furniture and shop fittings Store Fittings Direct is here to help with a range of quality products at sensible prices. Our friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team will be able to help you find the shopping trolley shelter that fits your space and budget requirements, and our installation service is available on request for a first-class professional job.

We’re here to help with a full range shelters including smoking shelters other external pedestrian waiting areas, so if you have requirements of this fashion please get in touch with us right now and talk to one of the Store Fittings Direct team.