Build the right store environment for your customers

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, a priority for any store is to retain its existing customers and to attract new shoppers.

We can help to achieve this objective by providing an attractive and secure store environment throughout the shopping journey – from arrival and entrance, while shopping, and to final checkout and departure.

We have worked with our major clients to develop an attractive and cost-effective range of walkways, shelters and external furniture which combine modular formats with robust materials and construction.

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outdoor furniture
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Store Environment Offer

We produce a comprehensive range of external furniture for the protection and convenience of your customers while outside of the store itself.

Our aesthetically pleasing range of Trolley, Smoking and Cycle Shelters and Walkway Products are manufactured from high grade components and provides superior protection from all weather conditions.

With the smoking ban now rigorously enforced nationwide, our Smoking Shelters help to promote a smoke free environment in-store and in the workplace and are fully compliant with the relevant legislation, while our stainless steel cigarette bins and attractive seats are the perfect accessories to ensure a tidy environment.

We also manufacture a range of Walkway Products, based around our standard shelter components. This provides a highly competitive and versatile solution which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.