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  • The Importance of Trolley Shelter Anti Roll Back Strip

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The Importance of

Trolley Shelter Anti Roll Back Strip


Our Trolley Anti Roll Back Strip is designed to complement our shopping trolley shelters. Providing that extra security preventing shopping trolley from rolling back out of the shelter onto oncoming or parked cars.

Antil roll back strip


Why Anti Roll Back Strip Is A Must


  • Prevents damage to trolley
  • Prevents trolley rolling into parked cars
  • Prevents trolley rolling into moving cars
  • Prevents trolley rolling into person/persons
  • Prevents damage caused to trolleys from the elements
  • Keeps car parks organised and tidy


 How To Install

Anti roll back strip


One anti–roll back strip should be fitted at the front of the shelter with the leading edge level
with the outside of the front hoop and an equal gap left to the left
and right side.

Usually fixed using 4 x M6 x 60 Coach screw and expansion plug


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