UV Air Purifier for General & Commercial Use – Why You Need One

The past 12 months has been a difficult time for businesses of all kinds, as well as for educational institutions, the health care sector and households. Indeed, every area of industry and commerce has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic which is still very much front-page news. The crisis has changed the way we approach life in many areas of our behaviour, and it is likely a lot of these changes will remain with us.

Our approach to personal hygiene, and that of the environments we live and work in, has had to change – but in fact it’s been for the better. We now have a better approach to washing our hands, keeping surfaces clean and so on. But there’s one area that has been difficult to deal with: the air that we breathe.

Why UV Air Purifier?

In the UK we have now been required to wear a face mask in shops and other public places for many months. These masks are effective to a point but can never provide 100% prevention. This is one reason why many business, retail outlets, industrial units and even some public spaces such as shopping centres are investing in UV Air Purifiers. What do they do?

A UV Air Cleaner Purifier is a device designed to rid the air of bacteria and viruses that exist in minute form. Rather than using a mechanical filter – a method that many air filters use – it utilises UV light to kill the microbes. Mechanical filters can miss the smallest bacteria, for example, whereas UV light will not.

Furthermore, the UV Air Cleaner Purifier is a silent device. This is important in, for example, an office situation where the team in place need quiet to concentrate and take calls. It’s also useful in shops, where a mechanical filter will constantly add to the background noise that is already present.

These devices are simple to use and do not take up a great deal of space. The light it uses is correctly known as UV-C light, which is the most effective at dealing with microscopic bacteria and viruses, and they run from a standard 240volt mains socket. Should you be looking at installing a UV Air Cleaner Purifier?

Do You Need a UV Air Purifier?

If you are a retailer you may want to consider an air purifier, and you can find out more about them at Store Fittings Direct who are a leading supplier. They are also used in public waiting rooms of all kinds, as well as in restaurants, cafes and pubs. As restrictions are lifted there is no doubt that UV air purifiers will become commonplace in offices, in industrial units, as well as in schools, colleges and hospitals – anywhere, in fact, where people are employed and the public visit.

There is bound to be high demand for UV Air Cleaner Purifiers so we recommend you get an order in early and remember that they can also be used in the home.